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Help Save the Children

At XCAR, we are aware and recognize that we have the responsibility to our environment and the community around us. These two pillars form the structure of our ‘better future’ program which should always be thought of and guide any sort of activities intended to help the community surrounding us. Helping the needy children in Tanzania

Our country has hundreds of communities in dire need of upliftment and provision of basic resources, education being one of the serious issues that calls for attention. XCAR as a company with future plans understands the importance of education in relation to the future of our country and is willing to support students who are ambitious about going to school. It is our belief that, in both urban and rural areas, there are many students who love schooling and are capable but they don’t have resources. Supporting rural students is our main goal but identifying them and management of the funds might be very difficult, so until we have a better way that ensures the program becomes a success once started we will support the less privileged kids in different orphanage centers in Dar es Salaam because we care.

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