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Mwai Kibaki Road, Mikocheni A

About Us


Reliable Car Rental Solution in Tanzania

XCAR is not only one of the first car rentals in Tanzania but, the best and professional company that has been offering reliable car rental services for over 20 years.  From the start, our VISION has been to provide professional car rental services to individuals and corporate in Tanzania through hassle free bookings, trained & experienced drives, well-maintained cars and a dedicated team with immense knowledge of the country.

We are in a place where we can confidently offer and guarantee our clients excellent services and customized products for each specific need and nature of use.  Are you looking for a professional, trustworthy and reliable car rental company in Tanzania?  Look no further and book with us for guaranteed services.

Our services stretch from self-drive car rental services to renting a car with a driver with or without fuel as your plans and preference allows you. When it comes to renting cars from XCAR Rent a car in Tanzania, it is all about your choice as we are flexible enough to accommodate our customer’s needs. We guarantee our customers of best quality car rental services, innovative transport solutions while focusing on professionalism and safety.

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We are happy to be able to offer car rental solutions to the most demanding needs from corporates and individuals from over 95 different countries. We are flexible enough hence able to provide best services to various customers as per their needs, simply put we proved customized car rental solutions to our customers.

Experience driving your own way!  Over 20 years, we have developed systems, a well-maintained vehicle capability and support services to enable delivery of reliable self-drive car rental services, for city drive or upcountry travel. Read our rental guide for more information on how you can easily rent a car on self-drive basis

Focus on your business as you go! XCAR Chauffeur service is designed for those who want to rent a car and a driver for a full day. All XCAR drivers are uniformed, well informed, experienced and helpful. This enables you to travel in safety and comfort, allowing you to concentrate on your activities as you travel.

Transfer Service, also part of chauffeur services is designed for travelers travelling to hotels or airports or any other location as specified by the customer.  You will work with our experienced staff in planning your pick up time and place to ensure a smooth, hassle free transfer, allowing you to relax and make the most of your valuable time.


We have the passion for everything cars, everything traveling, and we want to share the beautiful adventures that Tanzania has to offer. We let you drive your way and explore as you go. We have done our homework and turned every stone in all corners of beautiful and amazing places so that you give you all the right hints and free consultation

We also have packaged beautiful trips for perfect get away to suit family and friends. Explore and book what suits you!